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In just minutes, you can set up a FREE mobile website and community outfitted with features like chat, surveys, forums, blog, and more. No programming knowledge or app installation is necessary. Winksite works on any Web-enabled mobile device and is optimized for iPhone and Android. As simple as tap and type, you can create a mobile website then share it with friends, family, colleagues and groups of all types - for all reasons.

Freedom to publish whatever you want, wherever you are, to whomever you choose.

Use your mobile website as your personal podium to the world, a convenient mobile dashboard to all you find important, or as a space to build and manage a mobile community where you set the rules. Chat with friends and colleagues from New York to Manila to London. Post from the streets of San Francisco to the fjords in Scandinavia. Collaborate with team members on the train to work in Tokyo or on a bus in Houston. Publish works of fiction to a highly mobile audience. Reach and educate students in a totally new and engaging manner. Organize a gathering and spread the word on the where, when and why. Link Short URLs, QR Codes® and email to a mobile destination where people can see and do more. All from one place - Winksite.

Winksite. Your Life. Your Friends. Your World.®


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