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Hello. We are Winksite.

What is Winksite?

Winksite is the easiest way to make a mobile website. No developer or programming knowledge is necessary. In just minutes, you can generate a fast-loading mobile website that balances usability with innovative design. Each site is outfitted with pre-built features like pages, chat, surveys, forums, and more. No app to download and install — build out your site directly in your web browser using any iOS or Android device.

What kind of sites can I make?

Winksite provides the freedom to post whatever you want, wherever you are, to whomever you choose. Create a mobile website, landing page or profile and share it with friends, family, colleagues and groups of all types — for all reasons. Individuals, businesses and organizations can use their mobile site as a personal podium to the world, a convenient mobile dashboard to all that matters, or as a space to build and manage a community where they set the rules.

What can I do with my site?

It's the kind of mobile landing page that you'd link to in your Line, Instagram or Snapchat profile. Link friends and colleagues in Seoul, Tokyo or São Paulo from a chat to a place where you can see and do more. Collaborate with team members from a train in Beijing or New York or during a Lyft ride in San Francisco. Publish works of fiction to a highly mobile readership in Mumbai, Bangkok or London. Reach and educate students in Dubai, Monterrey or Cardiff in a totally new and engaging manner. Organize a gathering and spread the word on the where, when and why. All from one place — Winksite.

Established in 2001, Winksite was the first website generator and community platform built from the ground up for mobile. Winksite provides an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone — using only their phone — to set up their own space on the Internet and share ideas. Winksite brings experience and execution together in a platform that generates beautiful, standards-compliant, speed- and SEO-optimized, people-friendly experiences for mobile. Winksite is privately held and based in NY.  |  More about Winksite