Eupatorium serotinum (late thoroughwort, late-flowering boneset, white boneset)

description: perennial

place of origin: eastern North America

urban habitat: commonly found along highways, roadsides, drainage ditches; can thrive in full sun or partial shade; cold tolerant.

ecological function: disturbance-adapted colonizer; food for wildlife.

history: A native of eastern North America, Eupatorium serotinum is currently listed as endangered in New York. The Houma Native American tribe of Louisiana used a decoction of the flowers for typhoid fever. Other members of the Eupatorium genus has been used widely for medicinal purposes for treatment of fever, colds, bronchitis, and skin diseases. The plant has been shown to stimulate resistance to viral and bacterial infections and reduces fevers by stimulating sweating. It is a common ingredient in homeopathic medicines for treatment of the flu. This plant often hybridizes with Eupatorium perfoliatum (Common Boneset) in the wild.