Medicago lupulina (trefoil, black clover, hop clover, none-such, hop medic, black hay, blackweed)

description: winter or summer annual

place of origin: Eurasia

urban habitat: commonly found along roadsides, compacted walkways, in waste areas; drought tolerant and cold resistant.

ecological function:
disturbance-adapted colonizer of bare ground; enriches soil through its nitrogen-fixing properties.

history: Medicago lupulina was introduced into North America from Europe as a forage crop for livestock. It is currently found throughout the North America, Hawaii, Greenland, Europe, Asia, India, North Africa, and in many Caribbean islands. Its leaves are edible as are its seeds. Black medic has also been used medicinally as an antibiotic and a laxative. A green and yellow dye can be produced from the plant.