Euonymus fortunei (wintercreeper, Chinese spindle-tree, climbing euonymus, dwarf euonymus)

description: evergreen vine

place of origin: China and east Asia

urban habitat: common in parks, forest gaps, near homesites, and in disturbed areas; thrives in dry soils and can tolerate low or high pH soil conditions in full sun or shade.

ecological function: disturbance-adapted fast growing colonizer; food and habitat for wildlife.

history:Euonymus fortunei was introduced into North America as an ornamental, evergreen ground cover in 1907 and it continues to be cultivated today. It escaped cultivation and is now found primarily in the central and eastern US, as well as in Ontario. It is considered naturalized in parts of Maryland. It forms a dense ground cover that restricts growth of other plants. The plant contains an anti-cancer compound and was used in China for gynecological purposes.