"Radon Ron" has been wading through Chicagoans' gas since the mid 1980s when radon gas was first discovered in residential construction and deemed a hazard. In 1998, Illinois became regulated and Ron went solo with Radon Testers, Inc. With well over 10,000 tests completed, we take great pride in doing one thing exceptionally well: testing homes for the presence of radon gas. November 22, 2005: "Congratulations on a perfect performance audit!" --Illinois Emergency Management Agency Radon Testers, Inc. was chosen to write the course “Best Practice Radon Measurement” by the University of Illinois-Chicago. Host of the AccuStar Measurement Class, January 2008 MWAARST Board Members AARST Winners Circle 2007 Fully Licensed, Insured, Workman’s Compensation, Professional Liability Order online or contact us in a variety of ways below: Email: radonron@mac.com Phone: 630.260.0700 Call or Text Ron's Cell: 630.329.0700 Call or Text Sarah's Cell: 630.670.2